Water Wells & RAW DRIP(Ansa Technologies)

Water Well Program


Access to clean water is the key component to the health and sustainability of an impoverished community. It is estimated that currently over 1.5 million Liberians lack access to clean drinking water. Your donation of $3,000 will provide an entire Liberian village with clean water. It includes the construction and ongoing maintenance of the well. A donation between $350-$850 will help to rehab a water-well which was damaged during the war. The amount varies due to the damage the well incurred during the war.

Rural Access to Water & Disease Reduction Initiative Program 

By providing a program to purify existing contaminated water supplies in rural areas, the spread of dysentery, cholera and other disease can be mitigated through the use of portable, yet powerful purification equipment. 

The spread of water-borne disease can be dramatically reduced by preventing rural populations from infecting larger urban centers as evidenced by Haiti's cholera outbreak. African water well programs service communities and have become the staple of water initiatives led by many organizations. However these programs are limited as many wells become polluted and infect those using them. Furthermore, the lack of proximity between wells limits their ability to service those beyond walking distance. We not only have the ability to purify existing sources over a vast coverage area, but also purify any water source that may be available which include but are not limited to existing wells, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and even salt water.

Access to volunteer networks, combined with a small fleet of off-road vehicles, boats and HydroVolt Purification  units would extend coverage to even the most rural populations within countries most susceptible to disease outbreaks. Integrated GPS systems allow these mobile units to perform coordinated, scheduled water purification deliveries to areas suffering from polluted wells, rivers, water reservoirs, and any number of other compromised water sources. 

The program seeks to deliver cutting edge technology along with a purification network and educational program designed to assist underserved rural communities who have not been provided the right tools to combat disease. Combining education and the use of specialized equipment, there will be a significant impact on the number of infections within the RAW DRIP coverage areas. 

New Vision for Africa Foundation has partnered with New Vision Africa and Ansa Technologies to implement the HydroVolt Purification systems throughout strategic locations in West Africa. The initial units will be deployed in the country of Liberia, and deployed through New Community Clinic near Bushrod Island, approximately 5 miles Northwest of the capital city of Monrovia.