Ebola Outbreak


Answering the Call
New Vision for Africa is answering Liberia’s President’s call to action with two significant programs to help address the urgent Crisis. 

Protective Suits and Cleaning Stations

New Vision for Africa has through partnerships and business relationships on the ground seeded US$10,000 to begin a community outreach through New Community Clinic to the entire Virginia community where the Ebola virus has spread. Virginia is a suburb of the capital city of Monrovia and houses 50,000 people. New Community Clinic will be distributing to every home in the Virginia Community a cleaning station for anyone entering a home. This cleaning station will allow every home to have a cleaning bucket for water and the necessary cleaning supplies to throughly rinse, wash and disinfect all persons entering their household. This is one of the primary safety precautions the government in Liberia is encouraging all citizens to do, but many don’t have the funds to purchase a cleaning station for their own home.

Medical Grade Water PurificationSystem (RAW DRIP)

The program seeks to deliver cutting edge technology along with a purification network and educational program designed to assist underserved rural communities who have not been provided the right tools to combat disease. Combining education and the use of specialized equipment, there will be a significant impact on the number of infections within the RAW DRIP coverage areas. 

New Vision for Africa Foundation has partnered with New Vision Africa and Ansa Technologies to implement the HydroVolt Purification systems throughout strategic locations in West Africa. The initial units will be deployed in the country of Liberia, and deployed through New Community Clinic near Bushrod Island, approximately 5 miles Northwest of the capital city of Monrovia. 

Please be sure to designate your online gift to the Ebola Emergency Outreach once the payment option appears. Thanks so much for your huge heart to help the Liberians who are in dire need of any help we can provide them.