Uganda Fresh Water Project

During our survey we realized that many children are struggling with malaria and access to clean water is a very big challenge in the community. The community had two bore holes but the first one got spoiled and now there is only one left serving thousands of people in the community. The other water sources are seasonal and only provide water during the rainy season. Spring water sources are very far in the valley making it difficult for the people especially the children to climb the steep slope with heavy jerry cans on their heads. This water challenge greatly affects the children.   

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Besides diarrhea that was reported as one of the health challenges among children, they have to travel long distances before school to fetch water for home use and when they get to school they have to travel another long distance to get water to use at school for their meals.  

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Rain fall is not only the joy of famers but also for the children. They collect as much water as their containers can take to save them from the distance they need to travel looking for water. All in all we are asking you to stand with us prayer and consider bringing safe and clean water in this community. 

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